Yoga-based Practices for Manual Therapists

Would you like to improve the outcomes for your patients ?

Do you sometimes feel that manual treatment alone is not enough?

Would you like to offer your patients active treatment options, but you feel that your exercise prescription knowledge is lacking?

Would you like to feel experienced in a well-researched mind-body approach suitable for acute and chronic patients alike – that is also approved by NICE for LBP ?

How do you widen treatment options for patients who might not want to come to clinic and prefer the convenience of online sessions?

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Yoga is a valid healthcare intervention with increasing support from research efforts. Yoga practices can help patients with a range of conditions, from insomnia and anxiety to more mechanical ailments. It is a self-management tool for health that aligns well with the aims of a manual therapist to get movement back into the body and relaxation in the mind. Anji’s NHS clinic at ULCH incorporates yoga as a valid evidence-informed practice for mind-body health – as approved in NICE guidelines.

These 4 modules offer tried and tested, simple and safe methods that you can deliver with ease to improve your patient outcomes & incorporate gentle yoga-based exercise treatment sessions – in clinic or online. The focus is not on learning hours of theory and hundreds of postures, but on giving you easy-to-follow, gentle routines that you can deliver and sell right away – in clinic or online. This training will NOT make you a yoga teacher, but allow you to offer active treatment as part of your regulated ability to offer corrective and therapeutic exercise. Registered Manual Therapists, with our deep anatomical knowledge and focus on patient wellbeing, are well placed to teach gentle exercise and breathing practices. 

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Upcoming online courses

Modules 1-4
26th & 27th JANUARY 2023
9.30 – 4.30pm each day Live on Zoom
Small group & lots of interaction

Day 1 (modules 1&2)

Day 2 (modules 3&4

Both days – £497

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A structured & modular approach

Each half-day module is an interactive and highly focused mix of theory, discussion and practice.

You DO NOT need to be a yoga fan to benefit from these courses – movement principles are universal.  But adding breathing and relaxation to movement offers huge and welcome benefits for a range of patients in pain.  The practices I teach are gentle, safe and suitable for all – and YOU will learn how to teach them.

Note that each module builds on the ones before. Day 1 CAN be purchased alone but to attend Day 2 you MUST have attended Day 1.

Introduction Course – A requisite for attending the module courses
90 minutes pre-recorded

New for 2021 – this popular course is included as a video course for all modules

Module 1 – Yoga for BackCare

Tools to improve spinal health

Module 2 – Yoga for Better Breathing Yoga for Better Breathing

Simple techniques to improve thoracic function

Module 3 – Yoga for Persistent Low Back Pain

Gentle practices to support sensitive systems

Module 4 – Yoga for Stress

Using Yoga to unwind tension and stress at a deep level

Practices to use immediately that will pay back for your clinic

“ I came away feeling I could put it (the training) straight into practice and I made my investment back already. I would say I have definitely recouped the cost of the workshop and consider it was a good investment both for me and my patients, for now and the future.”

– NR, Chiropractor

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