BackCare Course


Keep back pain away – transform your spinal health. 

This course brings together all my knowledge, experience & expertise from the clinic – to help keep you out of it! Prevention is better than cure & my patients & students find their health to be transformed. 

Audience: Anyone who has low back grumbles or pain at home or work. Suitable for beginners. No Yoga experience necessary. NO acrobatics, no gymnastics, just useful movement, breathing and advice. 

Problem: Grumbly back pain, no time to exercise, taking painkillers, seeing physio or GP but never getting on top of things / don’t feel in control of back / feel worried with it all

Solution: a targeted programme from a BackCare Expert, harnessing knowledge from the clinic but also the nourishing powers of yoga. This programme will build strength AND flexibility, keep you out of the clinic, help to reduce discomfort. 

How you will feel: You will feel in control of your back – move more, worry less & feel strong

Disclaimer: This is a recorded course & you are responsible for your own body. Please move in a pain-free range & check with your medical advisor if you aren’t sure. 

Access for 1 year